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Special Construction Requirements for Minnesota Inground Pools

Swimming Pool Installation MN Everyone who lives in the Minneapolis St. Paul area understands that our frigid winter weather creates a unique environment that affects many aspects of our lives. Everything from fence posts to home foundations has to deal with an annual freeze and thaw cycle. Any structure that extends below the surface is subject to the expansion of water in the soil when it freezes. Inground swimming pools are no exception to that rule. Pool installation techniques and designs must allow for and compensate for that basic fact.

Expansion and contraction of soil and its water content can cause damage to many types of structures. Poorly designed or constructed basement walls and building foundations can crack or shift, leading to costly repairs. Roads, sidewalks, and driveways are often damaged by frost heaving, due to the same situation. For inground swimming pools, either vinyl or concrete, proper design, materials, and construction techniques are essential to prevent damage that can lead to costly repairs or even reconstruction.

Expertise in Minnesota Pool Construction Is a Must

Build Pools Minneapolis St Paul Typical inground swimming pool construction used in most other parts of the country simply doesn’t stand up to the special, difficult conditions faced in Minnesota. New swimming pool companies that start business here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area often don’t recognize this crucial fact, and try to use the same design and installation techniques used in warmer states. The results can be disastrous for their customers. Having installed thousands of inground pools, our company has 30+ years of experience in building vinyl and concrete inground pools that meet Minnesota’s tough requirements. We’re Minnesotans from the start and understand the need for top-quality materials, along with design and construction that stand up to our difficult winters.

A high-quality swimming pool may cost a little more at first, but second best just won’t do for a Twin Cities swimming pool. Cutting corners when building your pool will create high costs later for repairs. That’s why every pool our experienced swimming pool company builds is a top-quality pool that is designed with Minnesota conditions in mind. We’ve based our reputation on installing swimming pools that last for many years or even a lifetime, no matter what a Minnesota winter dishes out. We never compromise in design or construction, and take all the extra steps needed to build pools that meet the highest standards of quality. Anything less would create problems down the road for our customers, and we won’t sacrifice quality for a little more profit. Some of the issues Minnesota inground swimming pools face include:

Installing Top-Quality Swimming Pools in Minnesota for Three Decades

Since the first day we opened for business, we’ve focused all of our attention on building high quality swimming pools that are specifically designed and constructed to stand up to Minnesota’s unique conditions. Our outstanding reputation is on the line with every pool we build, so we build each Twin Cities swimming pool to the highest possible standards. Our goal is to provide every customer with the very best swimming pool we can build, and every step we take is taken with that in mind. Call us today to discuss your Minneapolis St. Paul swimming pool. We’ll show you how we build pools that are Minnesota strong and Minnesota tough.

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