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Why Swimming Pool Price Estimates Vary So Much

In-Ground Pool ONLY $39,900

Inground Swimming Pool ConstructionMN
  • 14′ x 28′ with 3′ concrete deck
  • Pool heater, pump, filter and light included
  • FREE automatic cleaner and winter cover
  • FREE first-year opening and closing

As a Twin Cities residential or commercial property owner, you can contact any of several swimming pool companies to get a price estimate for a new swimming pool for your property. A fact of life is that if you call four Minnesota swimming pool builders, you’ll get four different estimates for similar swimming pools of the same size. The differences in price among those estimates may be surprisingly large. It can be very confusing. As a leading pool construction company in the Twin Cities, we’re used to hearing questions about the different prices our customers report from various swimming pool contractors. We often help prospective pool buyers understand multiple estimates and why the price range is so wide for what seems like the same swimming pool. To help you evaluate pool estimates, here are some of the factors that cause many price differences:

Clear Pricing & Complete Cost Estimates for Swimming Pools in Minnesota

Far too many swimming pool buyers sign contracts for their new swimming pools without comparing what they’re getting with estimates from other Twin Cities swimming pool contractors. High-pressure sales tactics and low-ball, incomplete price estimates are often very attractive. Later, when hidden costs appear or low-quality materials and installation become evident, it’s too late. When you get a free, no-obligation estimate from our top-rated swimming pool company, it will be complete and accurate and that will be the total cost for your new pool, barring any unexpected complications or changes you make later. We’ll help you with every decision along the way, giving you solid, factual information and options throughout the process. We’ll never pressure you into making a hasty decision. Our excellent reputation is on the line with each swimming pool we build, and we never forget that. We know you’ll tell your friends about us, good or bad. Call us today to talk about your new swimming pool. We look forward to meeting you.

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