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How Much an Inground Pool Costs in Minnesota

$39,900 Outdoor Pool Special

Backyard Inground Pool Installation MN
  • 14′ x 28′ complete pool installation
  • 3′ concrete deck and corner entrance steps
  • Pool heater, pump, filter and light included
  • FREE automatic cleaner and winter cover

The cost of your new swimming pool is naturally a concern. Building a swimming pool is a major home improvement investment. The question of cost comes up early in every discussion we have with our customers, and our answer is always, “It depends.” There’s no single price for a new swimming pool. Each pool built by our Minnesota top-rated swimming pool company is unique. No two pools are ever exactly alike. So the price of each new swimming pool is different from every other new swimming pool.

As an addition to your home, your new swimming pool is similar to other home improvement projects. The cost is much the same as adding a new room to your home or any other major home improvement project. Just as the cost for a room addition or a remodeling project depend on the choices you make, the total cost for your new pool also depends on your choices.

Factors That Affect Inground Swimming Pool Price

Like any other major home improvement, your new inground pool will be part of your life for a very long time. The true cost of your new pool is measured over its entire lifetime. Making the decision to build a swimming pool the right way may cost a bit more at the beginning, but your pool’s durability and enduring qualities will make it a better value over time. Bargain-basement swimming pools can never deliver the long-lasting value you demand and deserve, and can’t add the value you expect to your home.

Building Affordable Inground Swimming Pools in Minnesota

We build only the best pools for our customers. That’s because we know that only top-quality swimming pools offer the true value that endures and enhances their property. Unlike some swimming pool builders in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, we simply will not build a low-quality, cheap swimming pool that will deteriorate quickly and become a never-ending problem in your backyard. Bargain-basement pools built with cheaply made parts and materials during construction are no bargain at all. Call us today to discuss your new swimming pool. In our free, no-obligation consultation and estimate, we’ll help you make all the choices for your new pool by providing valuable information, not false promises. We are the top-quality swimming pool company of choice in the Twin Cities.

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