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Vinyl vs. Concrete Swimming Pool – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Vinyl Swimming Pool Builder MN As a leader in swimming pool design and construction, we install both vinyl and concrete pools for our customers and have been building both types of swimming pools for over 30 years in Minnesota. One of the questions we hear often from prospective swimming pool buyers is: “Which type of pool is better, Vinyl or Concrete?” Our answer is always that it depends on many factors. The real question customers should ask is: “Which type of pool is better for me?”

There are few universal rules about swimming pools, because each swimming pool is unique, and what is best for one property owner may not be suitable for another. That’s why we build both vinyl and concrete gunite swimming pools. The one rule about swimming pools that applies to everyone, though, is that quality is the most important factor in any pool. Every swimming pool we build is a high-quality pool, whether it’s a vinyl pool or a concrete pool. To help you choose the right type of pool for your needs, here are some features of each type of pool:

Vinyl Inground Swimming Pool Features

Vinyl Pool Contractor Minneapolis For many reasons, vinyl swimming pools are the most popular pools we build for residential owners in the Twin Cities. Affordable and installed quickly, they offer the pleasures of backyard swimming for just about any homeowner. Here are the properties that make them our most popular residential swimming pools:

Concrete Gunite Inground Swimming Pool Features

Concrete Pools Twin Cities When the ultimate in luxury and durability is the goal, concrete is the answer for swimming pools. Also called gunite swimming pools, they are the gold standard in aquatic recreation. Completely flexible in design potential, the enduring qualities of a concrete pool, complete with luxurious tiling features and more, make a concrete pool the ideal match for luxurious homes and upscale communities in Minnesota. Designed and built to last a lifetime, concrete pools are the choice of property owners who insist on only the best of everything for their property.

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Whether you choose a vinyl or concrete inground swimming pool, quality is its most important feature. A low-quality swimming pool quickly begins to deteriorate, losing its value over time, while a premium-quality pool retains its value, both in monetary terms and in the enjoyment it provides. As the top-rated Minnesota pool construction company, we build only the best swimming pools, whatever their materials. From design to construction, every aspect of our work is done with quality as the top priority. The evidence of this can be seen in the enduring beauty of the pools we have created in our 30+ years of pool building. Quality is our highest priority from pool construction to customer service. Contact us to discuss your new pool, and let us show you why quality makes all the difference.

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